If you're like most people, taking a trip to the dentist isn't exactly your idea of "fun." With reminders of an upcoming dentist appointment giving way to defeated sighs, somber shakes of the head, or dreamy thoughts of rescheduling-- tonever-- it's no wonder even a routine dentist appointment is rarely looked highly upon. After all, the fear and trepidation of being attached to a dentist chair as Sedation Dentistrysome guy in a mask screws around - literally - inside your mouth isn't something to look forward to.

But at Curt P. Posey, DDS, Inc., all those bad memories of the dentist can be no more - because you don't even have to have the memories in the first place! That's because sedation dentistry offers a unique new way to experience a relaxed, calm trip to the dentist by providing an ideal solution for even the most fearful patients. Using sedatives that can relax skittish patients even during invasive procedures, sedation dentistry invokes the use of relaxants like nitrous oxide or light oral sedation while the patient is alert. Not long after, the patient will slip into a controlled state of beautiful relaxation, and oftentimes come to not even remembering the details of the procedure that just took place in their mouth!

Patients who undergo sedation dentistry allow their dental professionals to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time, too, as patients with dental phobia specifically are rendered cooperative enough for their dental specialist to make record time in their mouth. This allows patients young and old who particularly despise the dentist to finally achieve the smile they've been too scared to go under for - and they won't even have bad memories left over!

Sedation dentistry makes coming into the dentist's office a breeze, helping even those patients with extreme dental phobia grin wide about their upcoming smile makeover. For more information on sedation dentistry and how it makes each trip to the dentist that much easier, give Dr. Posey's office a call today at (559) 227-6755 for full dental relief right here in Fresno, CA!

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