Tooth loss can be stressful and embarrassing for patients to deal with. Some believe that it’s just a fact of life and they will have to live withdentures the gaps. But the spaces that have overcome your smile can be closed with partial or complete removable dentures. You can also recommit yourself to good oral hygiene to avoid more tooth loss. Explore your options with Dr. Curt Posey in Fresno, CA.

Benefits of Removeable Dentures 
According to U.S. Census data and a Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS), over 600,000 Americans say they wear dentures. These are some of the benefits of restoring your smile with removable dentures:

- Your Fresno, CA dentist can create a custom device that perfectly fills all of the gaps even if they are in different areas of your mouth.
- Since the device is removable, it can be thoroughly cleaned each night.
- Dentures can act as space maintainers, preventing your other teeth from moving around.
- Seeing your smile restored with dentures may encourage you to take better care of your oral hygiene.

Wearing Removeable Dentures
Partial dentures are designed to fill in gaps when there is one or more missing tooth in a row. Complete removable dentures cover the whole gumline, and are sometimes anchored with dental implants. The base of a standard denture is made of pink plastic that resembles the gums and the tooth is made of white composite resin or porcelain. Dentures have to be carefully adjusted and fit by your Fresno, CA dentist to work with your smile. It may take some time for you to get used to wearing them, but soon you’ll find a level of comfort when eating, smiling, and talking with others.

Taking Care of Your Dentures
You must look after your dentures if you want to preserve them for as long as possible. The average denture device will last about five to eight years before it needs to be adjusted or replaced. Here are some care tips:

- Get a special soft brush that you use to remove particles from around the denture after eating.
- Use a denture cleansing solution to soak your device while sleeping.
- Avoid using the denture to chew hard candies or open bottles to prevent cracking and chipping.
- Keep your denture case close by to store it and protect it from damage.

Restore Your Smile
Removeable dentures can completely change the way your smile looks and how you feel about your appearance. Call (559) 227-6755 today to consult with Dr. Curt Posey at his office in Fresno, CA.

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