With football season fast approaching it’s important that your smile gets the protection it needs while out on the field.

While summer isn’t over yet, football season is well on its way. Before you know it, everyone will be cheering on that next football game. mouth guardWhether you are a professional football player, or your child is playing for the school’s team, it’s important that every player gets the protection they need. Not just for their body, but also their mouth. From the office of our Fresno, CA dentist Dr. Curt Posey find out why you need to wear your protective gear at all times during the game if you want to maintain your smile.

Sport That Helmet Proudly

Your Fresno general dentist Dr. Posey is all too happy knowing that football is one of those sports for which wearing a helmet is mandatory. While a helmet might feel bulky and annoying, it’s one of the best ways to protect your head and your beautiful smile.

Think about it—without a helmet, you could be prone to concussions, as well as dislodged, cracked or knocked-out teeth (which all require immediate medical attention). But wearing your helmet correctly throughout the game will make sure you walk away with a winning smile even if you don’t win the game. Button up that chin strap!

Smile With Your Mouth Guard

If you are already wearing a helmet, you may think a mouth guard is unnecessary. If a serious tackle or blow to the face causes the helmet to become damaged, then your teeth could also be vulnerable to injury. This is why a mouth guard is highly advised when playing football.

Sure you can choose to get a mouth guard from the local drugstore, but they don’t always provide the proper fit and protection needed. Your Fresno dentist, Dr. Posey, can with our very own customized mouth guards.

If you have questions about custom mouth guards or you need to schedule a dental checkup, don’t wait to call our Fresno, CA dental office today. Dr. Posey is here for all of your dental needs.

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