Dental anxiety doesn't need to prevent you from receiving the oral health care you need. Intravenous (IV) sedation offered by your Fresno, CA, sedation dentist, Dr. Curt Posey, will help you feel relaxed while you receive treatment.

Do you suffer from dental fears?

You're not alone if visiting the dentist makes you feel anxious. More than 60% of people surveyed by Dental Vox reported suffering from dental fear. Some people said that they were concerned about pain, while others were bothered by the sights and sounds at the dental office.

A negative experience as a child might be the source of your fears, or you may find dental visits stressful if anxiety is part of your life. No matter the reason for your phobia, dental visits can become much more pleasant with IV sedation.

How IV sedation can help you?

It's tempting to put off dental work if visits trigger your dental anxiety. Unfortunately, delaying treatment may mean that your condition will worsen and you'll need a more extensive, lengthy dental treatment. If you previously had to break up dental treatments into several visits, IV sedation may allow you to tolerate longer dental appointments.

IV sedation can take the anxiety out of visiting the dentist for crowns, fillings, veneers, bridges, dental implants, and other restorations. Before your treatment begins, an IV line will be placed in your arm or hand. Once the sedative begins to flow through the line, you'll feel calm and a little drowsy. Although you'll be awake during your treatment, you probably won't remember any details about your visit.

While your dentist works, you won't feel a thing or be bothered by the sound of the dental equipment. As soon as the treatment is over in the Fresno dental office, your sedation dentist will remove the IV. Although you'll feel perfectly fine once you're no longer receiving the sedative, your reflexes may be a little slower than normal for a few hours. For that reason, you'll need to ask a friend or family member to drive you home.

Could lV sedation help you manage your dental fears? Call your sedation dentist in Fresno, CA, Dr. Posey, at (559) 227-6755 to schedule your appointment.

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