DenturesFind out if removable dentures could help treat your tooth loss for life.

So, you’ve been thinking about getting removable dentures to replace missing teeth. However, to find out if removable dentures are the right option for you, it’s important to find out what to expect when you do get dentures. Preparing yourself for both the pros and cons of this treatment will ensure that there are no surprises once you finally get your dentures. Here’s what to expect:

Acclimating Yourself to Your New Smile

When you first get your removable dentures you may find that they feel a bit awkward or cumbersome. While this can be a bit surprising and unsettling this is completely normal. As you continue to wear your dentures, though, you will soon start to get accustomed to wearing them and how they feel in your mouth.

Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t get frustrated at first, removing and putting in your dentures will take some practice; however, don’t hesitate to talk to your Fresno dentist Curt Posey, DDS, about some helpful tips for making removing and inserting your dentures a bit easier.

Be gentle

When you first get your dentures your Fresno dentist Dr. Posey, will give you specific instructions for how to handle your dentures. We will also tell you how long your denture should be worn and when you need to remove them. You will find that your dentures should fit easily into your mouth. You should never force your dentures into position, as this could damage the clasps.


When you first get your dentures you will most likely have to go through some adjustments to get the right fit. The more often you wear your dentures the easier and faster it will be to identify the areas that need to be adjusted. If you notice any sore areas then it’s time to see your Fresno dentist for an adjustment.

Speaking and Chewing

When you suffer from tooth loss you often find that talking and eating no longer become as easy to do. However, the goal of dentures is to restore these seemingly normal tasks. However, you may find it difficult to pronounce some words in the beginning. With practice, this will go away. As you become accustomed to your new smile you’ll find that your speech and chewing will be completely restored.

Do all of these things sound like something you could handle if you got removable dentures in Fresno? If so, then this could be the best treatment for you. However, to truly find out if removable dentures could restore your smile, you need to schedule a consultation with your Fresno dentist first. Call Dr. Posey today and let us give you a smile you can be proud of.

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