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Bridge vs. Dental Implant  |  Multiple Implants

A secure fit is a major concern for denture wearers. Dentures can affect a person’s ability to speak and chew. Slippage is uncomfortable, unattractive and aggravating. That’s why more and more denture wearers are turning to implants for a secure and comfortable fit.

Implant-supported dentures are also good for your overall oral health. When you lose teeth, you also start to lose the bone that once surrounded your tooth roots. This may lead to the recession of the jawbone that can change the shape of the face. Dental implants replace the lost tooth roots, which helps to preserve bone and facial structure.

What is an implant?
It is a replacement tooth root that is surgically placed in your jaw. Bone grows around and integrates with the implant surface to hold it in place.

How does the denture attach to the implant?
Dentures can be removable or fixed (non-removable). Removable dentures have “snaps” fitted into the denture itself. A piece called an abutment extends from the implant and snaps into the denture for a secure attachment. Fixed dentures are a non-removable crown and bridge, which are attached to an implant.

Dental Implants before dentures Dental Implants Dentures secured with dental implants


Are there any risks?
Implants are placed surgically. Since every surgery carries potential risks, your doctor will evaluate whether dental implants are the right option for you.

What if I already have dentures?
It is possible that your existing dentures can be retrofitted to work with implants.

How do I clean my dentures?
If you have removable, implant-supported dentures, they can be removed to be cleaned in the same way as traditional dentures. Fixed dentures are brushed the same way as natural teeth.

What foods can I eat?
Because implant-supported dentures can help eliminate slippage, many foods you used to avoid eating are now back on the menu.

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