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Dentures with Dental Implants  |  Multiple Implants

Dental bridge

The Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Bone preservation. Because the implant replaces the tooth root, it transmits chewing forces to the jaw, helping maintain the bone.
  • Natural look and feel. Besides looking natural, implants feel natural, so you can eat without worries.
  • Unaffected adjacent teeth. Unlike bridges, implants do not require the grinding down of neighboring teeth, so your remaining dental structure stays natural.
  • Proven quality. Straumann dental implants are built to exacting quality standards, based on decades of scientific research and study. Four million implants placed over a 30-year span support Straumann quality.

Bridge Option
A bridge is a frame on which two crowns and a false tooth are attached. Why are there three parts? This is because the two healthy teeth on either side of the gap must be ground down to anchor the bridge. The bridge covers the prepared teeth that are left after grinding. The false tooth, called a pontic, sits in the missing tooth’s space above the gum. But it does not replace the root of the missing tooth so bone loss can occur.

Bridges can be less expensive than dental implants in the short term. However, the life span of a bridge is typically less than that of an implant. Also, the adjacent teeth that were prepared can be more susceptible to future problems, like decay.

Dental Bridge Diagram
Two healthy teeth must be ground down
to anchor the bridge.
After Bridge
If either anchor tooth is lost, another healthy
tooth must be ground down and a longer bridge
put into place.

Dental Implant Option
The first thing you notice about a dental implant is how closely it resembles your natural tooth. It replaces the entire missing tooth, including the root, without having to grind the adjacent teeth. Made of titanium or titanium zirconium, a dental implant is a replacement tooth root surgically inserted in the jaw. The implant and abutment work as a securable base for the final crown that will be your new tooth.

A dental implant is more expensive than a bridge, but it is designed to be a permanent solution. Because the implant replaces the tooth root, implant therapy can help minimize bone loss. In addition, the surrounding teeth are not affected and the look and feel is natural.

Dental Implant Screw
After the implant is placed, bone will grow and
integrate onto the surface to hold it securely.
Dental Implant and Crown
A metal abutment connects the implant to a
final crown that matches your natural teeth.



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