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By Curt P. Posey, DDS, Inc.
June 05, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Root Canals  

Have you been ignoring pain in a tooth because you're afraid you might need a root canal? Many people share the same fear. root canalsFortunately, the reality is much different than the jokes you may have heard about root canals. Our Fresno, CA, dentist, Dr. Curt Posey, can save your tooth and end your pain.

Why are root canals performed?

Root canals treat infection or inflammation that develop in your tooth's pulp. If you don't have the treatment, you will eventually lose your tooth.

What signs will I notice if I need a root canal?

Everyone doesn't experience the same symptoms when they need a root canal. Some people may have severe, constant pain, while others may barely have any pain. Any pressure on the tooth, whether you press on it with your finger or chew, can increase pain. You may also notice more pain when you drink a glass of cold water or sip a cup of coffee. Extreme temperatures can irritate the nerves in the pulp, causing pain that can continue even after you finish your drink.

Swelling in the gum tissue around an infected or inflamed tooth may be a sign that you could benefit from a root canal. Did your tooth suddenly turn brown, gray or black? Darkening can be an indication that the therapy is needed.

If the tooth becomes abscessed, you may notice a significant increase in pain, accompanied by facial swelling, swollen lymph nodes and a fever. If you examine your mouth, you might even notice that a small pus-filled pimple has developed on your gum next to the tooth. Abscesses are dental emergencies. If you notice any of these symptoms, call our Fresno office as soon as possible.

What actually happens during a root canal?

Pain is the chief concern of many people who undergo a root canal. Luckily, local anesthetics totally block pain during the procedure. If concerns about pain have kept you from seeking treatment, you may want to consider oral, inhaled or intravenous sedation. Thanks to sedation, you'll experience no pain and will be relaxed and calm during the treatment.

Once you're completely numb, the pulp is removed and the center portion and canals of your tooth are cleaned, filed and shaped. Antibiotics may also be placed in the tooth to prevent or treat the infection. Adding a rubber-based filling seals and protects the tooth. Because root canal therapy can weaken teeth, you may need a crown to protect your tooth.

Worried about possible root canal symptoms? Call our Fresno, CA, dentist, Dr. Posey, at (559) 227-6755 to schedule an appointment.

By Curt P. Posey, DDS, Inc.
June 06, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Root Canals  

When some patients have intense tooth pain, they think that the only course of relief is to have the tooth extracted. However, the better solution in most cases is root canal therapy. Dr. Curt Posey offers this important dental treatment at his Fresno, CA dentist office. Learn RootCanalhow a root canal by Dr. Posey can save your teeth and contribute to your overall dental health. 

Why Root Canals Are Important
While some patients opt for an extraction when there’s severe dental decay, whenever possible, the ideal solution is to have a root canal so that you can keep your original tooth. You want to keep your natural teeth for a number of reasons:

  • Your teeth help keep your bone tissue healthy.
  • There’s a reduced chance of infections below the gumline (bacteria can infect an open socket).
  • It’s easier to chew and bite.
  • Keeping your natural tooth prevents the other teeth in your mouth from moving around.
  • Having a tooth extracted will require you to get future dental work to replace the missing tooth (dentures, bridgework or dental implants).

The purpose of a root canal is to help you preserve your tooth and maintain good dental health. 

Getting a Root Canal
The first step of getting a root canal is an examination including X-rays. Your Fresno dentist will examine the “root” of the problem to determine how far the tooth decay has advanced. If it can be treated with root canal therapy, one to three visits will be scheduled to complete the process. The procedure includes removing the diseased tissue, disinfecting the interior chamber, filling the tooth with a protective material and then finally capping the tooth with a crown.

No Need for Anxiety
If dental anxiety is making you hesitant to visit the dentist’s office for a root canal, keep in mind that sedation dentistry is a treatment offered at Dr. Posey's office. Dr. Posey is qualified to administer a number of sedatives to patients for dental procedures, including IV sedation. Also called sleep dentistry or deep sedation, this allows you to sleep throughout the appointment with little to no memory of the procedure. 

Schedule a Root Canal Consultation
It’s important to see your Fresno, CA dentist to talk about root canal therapy at the first sign of troubling tooth pain. Call Dr. Posey at (559) 227-6755 to schedule a consultation.

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